How to screen country/markets for an attractive entry?

One of the key decisions after making a decision to go global is finding an attractive best fit market based on a firm’s situational analysis.
This article looks at several resources that can be useful in country screening.

1. A Step-by-Step Approach to Market Research provided by the US govt.
2. A case study /dissertation of Market entry strategy for a Finnish International New Venture to the German marke.
3. Market Potential Index (MPI) indexing study is conducted by the Michigan State University — International Business Center to help companies compare prospect markets on several dimensions.
4.Andrew Harrison’s Lecture Programme delivered at the Technical University of Košice.
5.An analysis of American’ multinationals foreign market entry strategies in the European Union agribusiness context.
6. A KPMG briefing document on  Developing a Market Entry Strategy for Poland.
7.Foreign Market Entry Strategies of Japanese MNCs
8.Analysing Foreign Market Entry: The Choice between Greenfield Investment and Acquisitions.
9.Four entry strategies for small and midsized companies into Emerging Markets.
10. A PwC briefing document Market entry and growth in China.
11. A KPMG Briefing document on Market Entry Strategy in India.
12.Russian multinationals: entry strategies and post- entry operations
13. Vietnam Market Entry

Country and States

A list of countries, states , self governing territories .
Start with How Many Countries Are There in the World in 2017 and move on to updates on the world’s countries and borders, a list of Independent States , Dependencies and Areas of Special Sovereignty  and States With Partial recognition. INTERPOL,the world’s largest international police organisation is active in 192 countries. See also Travel Advisories.

The history of Globalisation

When did globalisation begin?   What are the significance of the 15th Century? Did Mexican silver cause a ‘price revolution in Europe? Or did the continent suffer form internal inflationary pressures instead?

Start here with a historical guide . Alok Sheel looks at Globalisation as an interplay of markets, technology and the role of the state.

Cities have played an important role in globalisation unleashing waves of globalisation led economic growth.