Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 21.42.27 We want to change the way, to learn international business. On GLOBSTRATEGY, we select and curate Open Educational Resources (OER) that are useful for learning  Global strategy, management and International Business . This  is a  open knowledge portal that expects to democratise learning. This is done by serving the student body, Practitioners, libraries repositories, academics , businesses and the learning community.

The central theme of the portal  is to provide current up to date materials to support the learning process as well as to provide relevant information to business that seek new markets.

Managed by Academics and Industry leaders, the free databases are expected to aid practitioners of the art of doing business globally.

Our Learning method
Open access information is provided in an easy to access format using keywords, a search function and learning maps that present visual representation of selected learning themes in the subject area. In addition, visual data widgets are used to provide real time display of statistics from the World Bank, IMF and other institutional repositories.  Some of the visual data on the portal are, an overview of academic theory and concepts,  a mapping of articles on global strategy and a visual map of open lectures that can help understand global strategy. 

Resources include:

  1. Open Lectures
  2. Visual Data widgets
  3. Open articles
  4. Learning Maps
  5. Resource cloud showing the current available resources
  6. Open textbooks

Why the portal?
We would like to believe that much of the data being used in learning and Teaching has been generated by open and public bodies. Open data has a positive impact if it is channeled through appropriate media. Most governments have considered the value of re-using open data and this has become more evident in education too and through this portal, we expect a wider impact on the learning community.

Open Access Policy of the portal
Access is free to all users. However, some areas may be restricted to registered users only. A free registration on the portal will provide subscribers with real time updates of new posts and information access to future user restricted learning themes

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All of the resources on this site are free, open resources licensed under the creative commons licence CC BY 3.0. Some resources may be provided as a  link to content hosted on external sites.This site does not warrant to the content or quality of the content on any of the external resource. The inclusion of any external resources should not be construed as a recommendation of the resource.


  • Some glossary terms are from the open textbooks  curated by Andy  Schmitz,on http://2012books.lardbucket.org or from Wiktionary
  • The language translation widget has been developed using the Google Translator tool.
  • Karan Sheth, an MBA intern provided support to the site, developing new content.

Broken Links
If you do encounter, any broken links,report this using the contact page.